Sometimes when you hear some peoples name, it sounds amazing but as a unique people we're, they all have their specific meaning. Examples:-

1. Itutu (Pit): you will wonder if people wanted to be called that kind of name but the meaning is unique.
Every pregnant woman when in labor they feel like going to toilet; so in the old days when things like this happen and eventually the woman
gave birth in the pit; automatically the child's name is Itutu ( pit) in English language.

2. Okekere: A child born with rounded in shape head.

3. Anusoze (Traveler): when you a pregnant woman is traveling an gave birth on her way the child is automatically given Anusoze (Traveler).

4. Ajoze: Similar in meaning to Anusoze but these one is more or less a woman that gave birth on just the way without traveling. May be she just stroll out to get something for her self in the market and on her way back gave birth the child is automatically named.

5. Onyi Ohu and Ada Ohu (Mother or Father of Market): This child is suppose to become a Banker or a marketer lols, the child that mother
gave birth to in the Market is called Oyhi Ohu (Mother of Market)

6. Ogwanchi. A child born in the bush.

7. Ihiampe - Smallest in the family, or the last

8. Anate (the hidden). - The child born without knowing the mother was pregnant.

9. Onuya (the wretched). - The child born while the parent were suffering. Be careful cause the
child may become poor in future.

10. Omelukwo - A child born when the parent has no money to buy the child soap for bathing.

What do you think about this? Drop your native name with the meaning & let's see how it sounds and unique...

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