Kidnapped KOGI state lawyer released

A female legal practitioner from okene in Kogi State, Rabiah Ozavize Ovosi, who was kidnapped on Friday last week has been released.
We receive the report that the legal practitioner regained her freedom Yesterday evening (Sunday evening).

According to a statement from an undisclosed source very close to the legal practitioner stated that Rabiah abductors abandoned her within Osara and Mack farm, which is along Lokoja Okene road, Kogi State.

The undisclosed source upon revealing this statement refuse to tell us if the demanded ransom was paid before her release.

“All i know and can say now is that we are happy she is back home, hale and hearty and has since reunited with her family"

We give glory to God. On the issue of ransom, that is a family thing, we are keeping it to our heart and we don’t want to talk about it”, he stated.

Kidnapping has been rampant in the state most especially in the central part of the state, although the government and security agencies are fighting hard to curb the issue of abduction within the State