Ane Ebira, we are an ethno-linguistic grou p in Nigeria. Many of us are from Kogi Stat e, Kwara State, Nasarawa State, Federal Ca pital Territory Abuja, and Edo State.

Okene is said to be our administrative cent re, the Ebira-speaking people in Kogi state, are not far from the Niger-Benue confluen ce.

Origin of the Ebiras An elder beats the Agidibo to salute the spi rits. Ebira Tao is the largest of the several Ebira groups found in about 8 States of Nigeria including FCT. Our sister groups are Ebira Koto and Ebira Mozum (Kogi state), Ebira Panda, Ebira Oje /Toto (Nassarawa state), Ebira Etuno (Edo state), Ebira Agatu (Benue state) Ebira Olok o (Ondo/Oyo/Osun states).

The history of our origin were those compiled from Attah Omadivi and other Eb iran Clan Heads by the British colonial ad ministrators in early 20th century. Our elde rs, through oral tradition, trace our descent to Wukari (in the present Taraba state) wh ere we were an integral part of the Kwarara fa confederation. In about 1680 AD, our ancestors (along with the Ido ma and Igala) migrated out of Wukari over a chieftaincy dispute. Our people later split into various groups and settled in different locations between 1680 and 1750 AD.

We Ebira Tao first sojourned with the Igala s at Idah but later crossed the River Niger and settled at Ebira Opete located in the vi cinity of Upake in Ajaokuta LGA. Our 'father' of Ebira Tao who led us to this premier settlement in Ebiraland was Itaazi.

Itaazi had five (5) sons who all later migrat ed from Ebira Opete and were the founders of the various districts in Ebiraland. The c hildren and the districts they founded are Adaviruku/Ohizi (Adavi), Ododo (Okehi), Ob aji (Eyika), Uga (Okengwe) and Ochuga/On otu (Ihima). His daughter named Ohunene settled in Eganyi district. Members of the v arious clans in Ebiraland are descendants of the children of Itaazi................ #to_be_continue.